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Sunday, October 16, 2011

In Car Storage of Tools and Spare Parts

I carry enough tools and spares to fix most minor to medium problems, which so far I have not encountered.

I draw the line at changing a head gasket on the side of the road (unless I was doing a very long distance rally), as that's when I would call for a tow truck.

Basic tools are stored in an under bonnet mounted tool kit, with other bits and pieces out of sight under the front and rear seats.

To give you an idea of what I carry, and I have probably missed a few items, lets start with the under bonnet tool kit.
* Spanners, ring and open ended, including one for spark plugs
* Selection of screw drivers
* Selection of pliers
* Points file
* Emery board (emergency points cleaner)
* Feeler gauges
* Hacksaw Blade, with teeth removed (for setting rear brake band clearance)
* Wheel Puller
* Electrical circuit tester
* Electrical tape
* Selection of split pins

* Under the front seat is the following
* Spare set of tools
* Jack and Handle
* Water pump and gasket
* Set of pre gaped spark plugs
* Ignition coil
* Distributor cap
* Rotor button
* Distributor points
* Condenser
* Inlet and exhaust manifold gaskets
* Thermostat housing gasket
* Gasket cement
* Reconditioned distributor

I have a fire extinguisher located on the drivers side of the front seat frame work.

The rear seats hides the following
* Tow ropes
* Fan Belt
* Fuel hose and fittings
* Carby gasket kit
* Radiator hoses
* Front wheel bearing
* Electrical Tester
* Spare fuses

In the drivers side door pocket I keep 3 bottles of petrol additive, again a very handy location, and I use two 50ml bottles for a full tank.

I welcome any comments and suggestions if you think I have overlooked an item.


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