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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Drive Them, Drive Them Again, And Then Drive Them Some More

Postscript to my 110 mile trip to Lardner's Park at Warragul yesterday. I started the Chev this afternoon, fired in less than 2 seconds, pushed in the choke straight away, fully advanced, ran like a dream.

These cars are meant to be driven, driven regularly, and driven for a distance at a moderate to quick speed.

My Chev always runs better during a trip after about 10 miles.

So to anyone with a vintage machine that only fires up once a month or so, drives a few miles around the burbs, and then put away for another few weeks:

Get out there and drive the bugger, it will do the owner as much good as the car.

This message is also applicable to trailer queens, parade princesses, or I'll just drive once around the block cause the traffic is a bit heavy.

Use it or sell it!

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