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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Chev Flashback - Chevs Seen On the Streets of Brisbane (part 1)

From the website of the Veteran & Vintage Chevrolet Association of Australia (Qld)


by Bryan Cantrell

Back in the fledging years of the VVCAA I used to carry a camera in my Chevrolet, ready to capture photographs of other Chevrolets I saw on the streets of Brisbane. My aim was to build a Chevrolet compendium, with examples of each year model, to show prospective and new members how to identify Chevrolets and see them in their original condition. As a result, I have many Black & White prints and negatives on file from the 1970’s depicting Chevrolet vehicles (cars and trucks) going about their business. These were mostly unrestored relics, many bearing the scars of years of faithful service for their owners.

Typical of the cars in my photographs is the 1935 Chevrolet “Master” Sedan taken in the Brisbane suburb of Virginia in 1971, with the original owner at the wheel. The accessory wind deflector on the driver’s door was being appreciated on this wet and windy Sunday.

I have also included a photograph of the front of this car, showing the grille badging – the Chevrolet “bow tie” on the centre bar and the small “Master” script above. As far as I know, 1935 was the only year in which Chevrolets carried “Master” insignia and at least two variants were used. These were the one shown here and another with a much larger cursive “Master” script separate from the Chevrolet badge in the top left hand corner of the grille. Other cars lack the “Master” script, but was this is original or perhaps due to the “Master” script being removed at some time in the car’s history?

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