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Monday, May 14, 2012

Morgan. Pure Craftmanship with Old Fashioned Methods

The Morgan Motor Company located in Britain does not change in a changing world.

Now you may wonder why I am posting regarding Morgan Sports Cars. Well apart from the fact that I have always been a fan, you cant but admire that they still use the vintage body production technique, steel panels over a timber frame on a steel chassis.

With some cars costing over $300,000 or more, some wait for a year or more to get their exclusive hand built car made out of metal and wood.

Every year Morgan produces about 600 cars, and celebrated its 100 year anniversay in 2011.

Founded by Henry Frederick Stanley Mogan, the running of the business was then passed to his son Peter.  A third generation of the Morgan family, Peter's son Charles is now in the chair.

So I hope you enjoy the following:

There are craftsmen …… and then there are
Craftsmen! ! !

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