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Saturday, September 29, 2012

1935 Aussie Chevrolet sloper

What a great start, a lot of the work done already.

Found this on Ebay

1935 chev sloper very good car to be restored. Note the car has been started in restoration with alot of new components , all front suspension done new brakes wheel bearings new cables

Engine overhauled , new hubcaps etc come with car also there is a genuine chev clock for the glove box lid.


  1. Is it still for sale

    1. To the best of my knnowledge it ended on 6th december, and was not sold. Suggest you try making contact with the seller. I know if I had the funds, I would have checked it out by now.

      Good Luck.

      Thanks for the comment and let us know what you find.


    2. No, I purchased this vehicle and look forward to picking it up after the New Year.

    3. Well Done,

      I am sure by the look of the photos and the ground work done so far, you will be a happy buyer. Please drop a line from time to time and let me know how the project is proceeding.



  2. Hi Ray, Almost 12 months down the track and the Sloper has been progressing all the doors, guards, trims etc has been taken back to bare metal and primed. Absolutely no rust in the car anywhere... amazing! Carby and fuel and water pumps rebuilt. Has some damage to the worm drive in the steering box (for knee action shock model) and am trying to source a replacement new or 2nd hand parts do you have any suggestion where to look?

  3. Hi John,

    Can I suggest Chev Parts in Sydney, or The Filling Station in USA.

    Good luck with the resto, please let me know how its going.