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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

1936 Chevy - 1/2 ton Pickup - 112" Short Wheelbase

What a great looking ute. Would look good in my garage.

From Ebay

You are looking at a Model FB, 1936 Chevy 1/2 ton pickup, with a short, 112" wheelbase. This would make a very good "PROJECT" truck for someone, with the necessary desire, knowledge, tools and skills, to complete or restore.

The engine is a correct, original 207 C.I., that came out of another 36 Chevy pickup, which was running about a year ago. The engine & transmission were supposed to be complete when I bought them, but the guy that I purchased them from, removed the 3 speed transmission & starter, prior to shipping the engine to me. However, I do have a very nice, 4 speed, (1937 ?) Chevy transmission, which will go with the truck, along with the original 207 engine & transmission (condition unknown). The second engine & 3 speed transmission are in a different location, (near Detroit), about 85 miles away, and would have to be picked up there, by the buyer.

As I previously stated, this is a "PROJECT" truck. It is a very solid truck. If someone is good mechanically, they could probably get the truck running again, by adding the missing parts. It would also need brakes, wiring, exhaust system, and radiator repair, to mention the obvious things. It is missing the gas tank, but one can be purchased aftermarket. The truck will need new (flat) glass, which is also available aftermarket. I do not have the lower seat springs.

I installed the following new parts: 3/4" plywood bed & interior cab floor, two (2) cross rail members, end panel, tailgate, chains, exterior mirrors (right and left), and two (2) Chevy Bowtie hood emblems. The frame was sandblasted and painted black, prior to the assembly of all the sheetmetal and the plywood bed.

Again, the truck is very solid to restore, or just fix up and drive. It will require the obvious mechanical work, and body work (if desired). It has the typical rust and dents, that you would find on a 76 year old truck. (I did not do any of the body work on this truck).

I have the following extra parts that will go with the truck: four (4) interior front pillar trim (cover) pieces, brake & clutch pedals with mounting bracket, two (2) door latch slider bars with round door knobs, windshield crank mechanism (needs repair) with correct crank handle, original gauges, and misc. floor board metal cover pieces. Please note, that I have now installed the two (2) interior door panels, interior rear view mirror, and the right rear taillight, since the photos were taken.

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