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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Dandenong Valley Historic Car Club run to Como Gardens

What started as a bleak and overcast morning turned into a beautiful day for the DVHCC  run to Como Gardens.

The event was well supported by members with a good turn out of cars. Thanks to Graham and Sue Bates for organizing the day.

The meeting point for the run was the Stamford Hotel in Rowville, and even though I live just a few minutes from Como Gardens, it was a good excuse to give the Red Chev a run and meet up with the other cars at the starting point,

We set off at about 10.50 am and arrived at  Como Gardens, which is located in The Basin, about 4 minutes from where the Red Chev lives.

Our host George Hettrel then gave us a guided tour of his incredible Vintage Car collection, the highlight of the day. George has vehicles from the birth of the automobile, up to an Aston Martin of the James Bond era. The following pictures will give you an overview of the collection, and the attached link goes into more detail.

But if you ever get the chance to see the collection in the flesh, do yourself a favour.

I love the tools in the running board case, very practical

The following is a picture that was on the wall in Georges Collection. Can you just imagine what the driver would have thought in that instant moment when he saw a wheel flying through the air. I certainly know what would be going through my mind. But then he may be a cool dude. If I am not mistaken he is wearing a tie. Very strange.



One of the attractions for little kids, and a few big kids as well is the Como Gardens minature railway, which normally looks like this

Unfortunately due to bridge damage from the recent heavy rain, the train is not running till further notice. So whats the next best thing to riding the train when the train is not running?  Simple. Walking the track, checking out the views.

I think this may be the offending bridge, see the concrete footing hanging in space.

I must go back with my grand kids at some future date and ride the rails.

The Gardens at Como are fantastic, and worth a visit just for the pleasure of walking the grounds.
I have posted a few photos below, but this is what they normally look like

Don't worry, these turkeys are safe, they are pets.

After a bit of talking to the animals, it was time to head home.




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  1. Great photos and write up of a great day. Thanks Ray.

    Peter H.