The purpose of this Blog

This blog is to detail my 43 years (1973 - 2016) with a 1928 Chevrolet tourer, affectionately called "The Red Chev".

The acquisition, restoration, improvements and my experiences over the years are covered in as much detail as I can remember.

Some of the later postings include car club outings and other vintage car items that I hope will be of interest to people.

If you have the time, scroll back to where it all began in 1973 and follow the journey so far.

Thanks for dropping by.

Regards Ray Dean

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Thursday, September 27, 2012

What 44,188 people have been reading on this blog so far.

Below are the 10 most viewed posts from my blog, along with the number of views. Charting a postings popularity can be very interesting, and deceptive.

A posting can sit on single viewing figures sometimes for a few months, then bingo, it comes to life. Others can rack up 200 views in 48 hours and then go to sleep.

The Red Chev now shares the limelight with other cars and car related topics that all carry the same theme, nostalgia.

Be it a posting with old photos of cars, gas stations, or a snapshot of  life from a time long gone, I still find it amazing, fascinating and at times a little eerie.

The people, the cars, and what was their "today", snapped in a photo that is now only a distant memory to just a few.

Thanks to all who have taken the time to view the blog, and those who have made comments on individual postings.



Feb 22, 2012


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