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Sunday, June 9, 2013

1937 Holden Bodied Chev Sports Roadster

Came across the beautiful black beast on Ebay

"1937 Chevrolet Sports Roadster" We purchased this vehicle in July 2007 and have restored it over the last 6 years, We have 400+ photos of the restoration process. Work done - includes: Fully Rebuilt 216 - 6 cylinder engine, all machine work done at CnB Engine Reconditioning in Sydney, Heads have hardened seats for ULP, bored 20 thou over, crank ground, new main and big end bearings, block honed, decked, head re-built, new timing gears, camshaft ground, over $3,500 spent on parts and machining (receipts have been lost) carter carby.

 Radiator is in very good condition. 3 speed gearbox, new bearings, all gears/shafts in good condition. Chassis has correct X member for Roadsters. Body painted in 2 pack PPG Jet Black, red pin lining, 2 pack red wheels. New hubcaps and beauty trim rings (from USA). Brake lines, flexible hoses, wheel cylinders, brake linings etc....all brand new, cylinders machined, master cylinder reconditioned. Brand new stainless steel grill (from USA). New running board rubbers (from USA). Steering wheel has been done by Pearl Craft in a Red & Black Swirl.

Very good conventional style tyres, white wall tyre inserts. Brand new wiring harness, 12 volt conversion with alternator. Brand new exhaust system, very quiet. Bumper bars, quarter window frames, headlight trim rings (not surrounds), hand brake handle have all been chromed. Body condition is very good (9-9.5 out of 10) very straight, all rust repaired, no rust. 3 x Timber Hood bows and hood irons included. Front seat included (1939 Chev seat, has split back). Dash painted in dark metallic brown. Can be driven, runs very well. Only 125 of these vehicles were ever made new in 1937 and today there are very few left, since we have had the vehicle, we know of about 5 other sports roadsters in Australia.

In excess of $30,000 has been spent to this point, restored roadsters can command upwards of $45-50k. Work that still needs to be done: Full Interior needs to be trimmed - seats, door trims, carpets - everything, front seat needs to be fixed to seat base. Hood needs to be done - bows and irons in position (no pattern for hood) Side Curtains need to be made. Front timber bow has been made in 2 pieces and needs to be set and glued together and then irons need to be fixed to front timber. Clutch is a bit noisy - we have a Holden V8 clutch machined to fit a Chev flywheel, so it can be swapped straight over.

Final assembly - including connecting head lights, tail lights, blinkers, install bumper bars. Assemble dash cluster. Assemble quarter windows. Parts that are missing: Rear Dickie seat (rumble seat) - back rest and seat bottom. Dash cluster glass (can get repro glass from US or Aus) we did have one but it was accidentally broken. The bolt/nut assembly that holds the hood to the front timber bow never came with the vehicle and could be made or would need to be sourced. Right Hand Side bonnet retaining rod (holds bonnet in upright position) has been lost. Spare wheel and tyre.



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