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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Red Chev versus 1 degree frosty morning. Outcome Chev 1, Frost 0

This morning was a good opportunity to go for a coffee run down to the seaside suburb of Chelsea.
Only one problem, its 1 degrees outside, with frost and ice everywhere.

No problem for the Red Chev. The side curtains and hood, both made back in 1975 to the original factory specifications kept me as warm as toast on the inside, with a little help from the heat of the engine.

Just goes to show that even with 1928 technology you can still travel in comfort, if you have the right equipment.

No having to rug up with layer upon layer of clothing, no false bravado about not feeling the cold, just good old fashioned comfort.

If any one out there with a vintage Chev or any other make that has a hood and no side curtains, do yourself a favor.

Anyone out there without a hood, apart from your car not being fitted with the standard equipment, you should consider the benefits, if not enjoy the cold and the rain, and the wind. You deserve it.

The other alternative is to pack your vintage away for the winter until warmer days arrive.



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