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Thursday, June 20, 2013


Its Big, Its Bold and Its Brash, But its a straight 8. I would love it!!

Found this on Ebay


 Owned by the Myers Family in northern Ohio since new. The owners manual still has the gas ration stamps and ID card in the glove box. The car was parked on a dirt floor long ago which explains the lack of rust on the body. It is complete with fold down table top, clock, radio. radio knobs, 2 ash trays in the rear arm rests. It has the rare factory grille guard on the front bumper. It also has 4 Hudson accessory wheel covers (see pic) 4 small caps along with the larger wheel covers.

The trunk floor is solid with a fire extishioner still attached from the 1930's. The entire floor has no rust issues. The drivers door has an area of rust on the flat lower surface (see pics). All inner and outer handles are on the car. All stainless trim is present. The grille is very nice with the crank hole cover in place. Both bumpers are straight. The gas tank is very solid (see pic).

The steering wheel still has most of the bakelite attached to it, also has a matching neckers knob (see pics). The fenders are in nice shape. The car comes with a nice left front fender (see pic). The car rolls freely and the old tires all hold air. The engine compartment is complete.

The inner fenders that are vented are very nice. Headlite buckets are very nice along with the headlites. All 4 badges are on the fenders. One tail lite lens is missing. The interior needs redo but it is all there for patterns including the buttons. The engine has oil in it and is currently not running. The radiator is original.the electric hand is complete.  On the front drivers side floor  there is a small patch.




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