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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

What better memories than to say "My Dad was born in this car"

Could there be any more motivation to restore an old Chev than this....................

This following is from the blog of my good mate Grant Fowler


Again the other night a message left on my phone that went something along the lines of this -

"Hi Grant, I have been following your Monty the Chev blog from the early days and would like to have a chat and find out a few things, we have pulled an old Chev out from the shed and have started a rebuild"..

I returned the call after dinner and was soon talking to Graeme, a lovely fella from Bathurst in NSW Australia, he had a great story to tell and again the ole 28 Chevrolet has been in their family for many years, well actually for its entire life as his grandfather had brought the car new, drove it for years and finally left it in the shed on the family farm and then yesterday an email landed on my desk with these photos below and also attached were these words -

"Hi Grant. A few photo's of the old chevy as we dug it out of the shed, as
you can see it has been there for a long time, actually about 45 years, like
I said my grandfather bought this new in 1928 and I only found out a couple
of years ago that my dad was born in the car. Over the last 12 months I have
spent a few thousand dollars on it and it's not far of being started since
the motor rebuild, I still have to get the clutch plate, bearings, brakes,
shackles all sorted before I can drive it yet. If you have any information
on contacts where I can get wooden parts and mechanical parts that would be
really helpful. I spoke to Ray yesterday as well and I will have to send him
some pics as well.  Thanks again for your help and one day we might be able
to catch up and have a yarn."

The restoration of the body begins

Best of luck with the resto Graeme and call out if you need anything.

Cheers Grant

Great posting Grant, and all the best to Graeme and his restoration.


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