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Friday, June 28, 2013

Classic Car Dealership Up For Auction 30th June, Ohio.

Found this on a great site

When we received an email with a link to YouTube video of an upcoming Ohio auction, we knew that we needed to investigate further. We headed over to Penny Worley Auctions’ website, where everything is set to be auctioned off on June, 30th. After looking at the collection, which includes 12 complete cars and 52 project and parts cars, we started hunting around for the history behind it. We quickly discovered that this is Ron Hilen’s Antique Classic Car sales and restoration business in Dayton, Ohio. He is closing his business after 37 years and is selling off all his cars, parts, and memorabilia. Thanks goes to Jasper for the tip.


Before Ron bought this building in 1976, it was a Rambler dealership, complete with showroom, parts counter, body shop, and machine shop. The showroom currently houses 10 running vehicles, with one being a vintage fire engine and the other an old Ford tractor. The auction house has provided videos of each vehicle running and they all sound good.


The majority of the other cars are housed in the body and machine shops. Some of the cars in the machine shop have been torn apart, while others look to be complete. All of these cars are covered in a thick layer of dust and mountains of parts. We aren’t sure if the parts piled on each belongs to that car or one of their neighbors, but figuring out what goes where should prove interesting.


Given how buried some of these cars are, just exploring and trying to figure out what some of them are would be a fun way to spend an afternoon. Sadly, what makes for a fun exploration trip doesn’t necessarily make for a fun buying experience, as it could be a challenge to determine their condition and what’s still there.


Most of the cars in the body shop appear to be more complete than the ones in the machine shop, but are still in rough shape. It appears that most were prepared for paint years ago, but never made it to the paint booth and will likely need the body work redone before being sprayed

Whether you’re looking for a project, a parts car, or even a fire engine, this auction just about has something for everyone. We know this one is coming up quick, but if you are in the Dayton area, be sure to stop by tomorrow for the auction preview and take a look. Even if you aren’t in the area, you can still view everything online and even place a bid. So what cars, parts, or memorabilia would you like to have from this collection?


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