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Thursday, October 11, 2012

1935 Chevrolet 2 Door Sedan

The following is from a site called Barn Finds

We look at hundreds of cars every day and we have read some pretty incredible claims. Some claim their car is some rare lost jewel, while others claim their freshly restored car is completely original. The seller of this 1935 Chevrolet Two Door Sedan claims that it’s still original and unrestored. They don’t say much more than that in their listing, which can be found here on eBay, with the following brief description.

"very nice old car in original condition. have all the paper work from the original owner. runs and drives good.all the wood in the car is in great condition. have the original oil can under the hood also have the jack, jack handle and the engine shows 55,000 miles now and the sticker on the door jam from when it was serviced in 1960 shows it having 53,000 miles. have the window defroster that came with the car"

 The interior looks correct, but we aren’t sure if it looks like its 77 years old. It looks to us like it’s an older restoration, but then again we could be wrong. If this really is the original interior it is still very intact, but there are a few areas needing attention. Hopefully the next owner will fix the problems and keep the rest as is, especially if it really is original.

The engine looks good and the seller says it still runs and drives great. The odometer shows 55,000 miles, which is believed to be the actual mileage. A service sticker on the door from 1960 shows the car having 50,000 miles at that time. For this engine bay to look so clean, someone had to have diligently maintained it or restored it at some point.

The exterior of the car looks fantastic and the paint is still shiny and bright. It’s hard to tell whether this really is the original paint or not from a few photos, so we would want to look at this car closely to see if it’s the proper paint or not. All criticisms aside, we love the looks of this classic and we wouldn’t mind having one.

Answering the question of whether this 77 year old classic is truly a survivor will require looking at it very closely and seeing if there is any documentation to prove it. Hopefully it really is a survivor, as we doubt there are many of these left in original condition. Do you believe this really is a survivor or just another seller that doesn’t understand what a survivor really is?



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