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Monday, October 8, 2012

Car Club Run to Last of the Chrome Bumpers. Lardner Park 2012. Part 1 introduction

With many looking forward to today's run, the day started off very wet, and I had concerns that the weather was not going to be in our favour.

Pleased to be proved wrong, by the time the DVHCC convoy set off from Narre Warren, headed for Lardner Park, the rain had stopped and the sky looked a lot more promising.

Turned out to be a great day, with a good roll out of cars for all tastes.

Before I cover the cars in more detail, I would like to mention the first public appearance of Monty the 1928 Chev, and his owner Grant Fowler from Trafalgar. Grant has spent the last 18 months restoring Monty while keeping the body with the same "patina" look that it had when his father found it under a tree in 1969.

Grant has restored Monty as a labour of love in memory of his late father, and it has been my pleasure to be involved with the project.

It was also the first long run for Les Francis, in his 1938 Lasalle, which from all reports cruzied down the highway with ease.

Now for the rest of the cars ---------

There was a wide variety of cars that rolled up, and realizing that not all categories appeal to every one, and you may not want to wade through dozens of photos to see the cars that interest you, I would like to try something different for this posting, and would welcome your feedback.

So, if your interest is in cars that attended from the Dandenong Valley Historic Car Club, double click on:

For Vintage Cars, double click on:

For Classic Cars, double click on:

For Old Holdens, double click on:

For Trucks, double click on:

For Caravans, double click on:

For Stationary Engines, double click on:

For USA Muscle Cars, double click on:

For Aussie Muscle Cars, double click on:

For Hot Rods and Modifieds, double click on:



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