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Monday, October 1, 2012

1948 Chrysler Traveller (A very rare car)

From Ebay

The perfect project car. This fabulous Traveler is one of only 4,182 produced by Chrysler and, according to the best information, is one of 12 to 25 of these cars remaining in existence, with the Chrysler Corporation rumored to own a number of them. I don’t know if you can find a better unrestored survivor.
Catalina Tan and Rossini Brown original paint, this car came fully loaded, no options.
The signature Traveler Roof Rack made by Chris-Craft is the original laminated oak, that’s been restored with many coats of marine varnish. The roof strips have been newly manufactured by master classic parts maker Dennis Bickford. He also restored a few of the window cranks with vintage Lucite danglers.
The doors are solid and fit perfectly.
The car was stored for many years in a barn in Kansas.
THE ENGINE RUNS FINE. The oil filter (I have it and the NOS connectors) is off the vehicle.
I have new Goodrich 760-15 Wide whitewalls on it.
The hubcaps are originals as are the rare white metal hub liners. (I have a few extras)
It has a Kansastitle, signed by the previous owner, signed off and notarized by the lender. The buyer’s name is not filled in.
The car has been driven four miles since 1993.
The 49,000 miles on the speedometer looks like it could in fact be the original mileage because of the remarkable original condition of everything, but I don’t really know.
The car has original rugs, rubber, glass, knobs handles and cranks, everything.
Original paint has some surface rust spotting. Nothing serious. The Chrome is all original and amazingly unpitted.
I have paperwork, service manual, electric schematic, misc.
The original upholstery is splitting at some of the seams, particularly at the Driver’s seat.
The venting panel on the driver’s side near the front pedals is loose.
The hood needs a tiny tweak to fit perfectly. (It’s a little cranky to open)
The front left fender has an easy fix dent.
The back left fender has a major dent and chrome damage (I HAVE A REPLACEMENT FENDER AND NEW CHROME AND ATTACHMENTS)
The trunk has a dent and a puncture (I HAVE A REPLACEMENT TRUNK
The vintage spotlight has been rewired, but needs to be connected to vehicle.
The back bumper is peeling (I HAVE A REPLACEMENT VINTAGE BUMPER.
As you can see I was poised to finish the restoration, but another car (a ’59 Mark IX Jag) came in to my life, so I’m selling this.
In addition to the replacement body parts listed above I have all the necessary parts to get this sweet survivor up and running.
New shock absorbers.
New engine hoses and clamps.
New wheel cylinders.
New brake hoses.
New master cylinder.
Cast replacement (not original) Traveler hood signatures.
Vintage/Original Windsor hood signatures.
Brand new tires (I have no spare rim or workable tire)


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