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Friday, October 5, 2012

Monty the1928 Chev ready to roll, just add rego

Well folks, he has done it. My mate Grant Fowler has transformed Monty the 1928 Chev from a wreck to a finished car ready to hit the roads again for the first time in well over 50 years.
Grant has taken this

And turned it into this


And turned it into this

 We are not just looking at new upolstery in an unrestored car, but more to be exact we are looking at a fully restored 1928 Chev, still keeping the patina look of the weathered body. There is no rust, there is no rotten timber.

This was a full frame off restoration, the chassis was cleaned, derusted and painted. Any rusted panel work was cut out and replaced. All spring bushings were replaced, rear axle seals, bearings and gaskets were replaced. New brake linings were fitted on all 4 wheels.

From the main timber rails up, the majority of timber work was hand made and replaced into panels that had been cleaned and rusted sections cut out and replaced.

The body work is square, all the lines look great, and the doors shut with a clunk, that you can only get with a tight body.
Grants posting below says it all, and for me it has been a pleasure to be part of the process.


 May I present   Monty the 1928 Chev
Posting below taken and modified from

Well all that hard work over the last 18 months was bloody worth it, as today when I walked into Grant Whites Auto Upholstery workshop and stood there looking at my old ratty Chev, to me it looked a million dollars, what a fantastic job Grant had done, down to the finest detail and the matt black material looked just spot on, so right, a little used, a little lived in.... Love it.

I wont bore you on this post with boring dribble as images will tell a much better story so here are some photos over the last 2 weeks as I left Grant a camera to capture the moments as he went about his business of fitting a new interior to Monty.


My good friend Ray Dean who I have this restoration to thank, cheers mate

And when I got back home I took some more from in the resto shed.

I seen this rear cover in an American Chevrolet magazine and decided that since I am not getting a hood made for sometime as I like the feel of the wind in my hair that it was a good idea to have it made up while it was in the upholstery shop, to protect the back seat and carpet from the sun and weather but also hide luggage and gear from prying eyes when parked in the street...

Anyway there you have it folks, another step taken towards finishing this old car and next it will be off for a roadworthy certificate and then full rego papers by the end of October..

Thanks for taking an interest.




  1. Gidday Ray, I think we both done a pretty bloody good job mate.. Cheers Grant

  2. great job Grant,
    mine is waiting for upholstery and it now looks like next year because all the trimmers are busy until then.
    I have fitted lap belts for minimum protection and I think that your should at least consider that option....looks or no looks, passengers and driver need to be kept in their place(no pun intended)
    hosta la vista, just enjoy and I'm sure your dear old Dad will be smiling for many a mile..