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Monday, October 15, 2012

Motoring Memories from the early 1900's to the 1930's

Members of the Denver Motor Club (Colorado) prepare for a rally, 1912

Woman poses for a photograph with her Ford Model T, 1921

Man and women pose in a Maxwell car, c1915

Two smartly dressed women sit in a battery powered car. c1900s

Curious pedestrians gaze in awe at a convertible car on the streets of Chicago, 1907

A driver prepares to race his specially modified car at the Harlem Race track, Illinois, 1904

A group of men prepare to set off on a car trip with the driver wearing goggles, 1906

Wartime congestion. Esnes, France. 1918

A teenage girl inspects the damage from a serious road accident, 1920s

New Ford cars on parade, 1928

Driver and passenger ride in a Locomobile steamer, 1899

New Rover Sportsman coupe, parked on roadside, 1929








Agricultural labourers repair a car in Vermont, 1935


A crowd of spectators admire an Austro-Daimler race car before it sets off in competition. 1922


Family holiday, 1930

Native American family in a Chalmers car, 1916

A US parking lot packed with a large number of Ford Model Ts, 1920

US car show, 1916


Pioneering motor race driver, 1901

Cadillac showroom, Washington DC, 1927


A female motor racing competitor prepares her Stutz Weightman Special car, 1916


Spectators await the main racing action at the Ascot Speedway, Los Angeles, 1916

Leading driver Ralph Beardsley at the wheel of his Simplex racecar, Indianapolis, 1911


24 girls sit in the same automobile, 1905


Motor race at Washington DC, 1926

 Start of a road race at Elgin, Ilinois, 1914

Motor race in Chicago, 1920s


24 hour endurance race at the Harlem Race track, Chicago, 1924

Motoring enthusiasts enjoy a day in the country, 1930s

The wife of the photographer poses near to a new open touring car, 1910s

A trip along a typical unpaved road, New Mexico, 1910


Young women take a rest next to an Essex Tourer, Brisbane,1929

Driver and passenger pose for the camera in a French made, Darracq car, 1909


Proud driver and passenger in a French made de Dion-Bouton, 1908

Pioneering motorist in a rare Holsman highwheeler, 1908


Proud owners of a Linon motor car, 1907


Driver, passengers and luggage use all the available space of a Buick service car, 1909


Driver and passengers prepare for a journey in an International Harverster motor buggy, 1909



A stripped down Willys Overland car is on a record breaking run between Sydney and Brisbane, Australia, 1924

Young children pose next to a Buick "Standard Six" 1925

Austin Tourer car on a reliability trial, 1924


Motorist prepares to go for a drive in an Austin Seven, 1924

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