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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

1936 Chevrolet Master Deluxe Sport Sedan

From Ebay

There are NO leaks of any kind, nor does it burn oil. Everything was rebuilt. There is only extremely minor surface rust underneath on some of the parts as the pictures on my website will show.

Mechanically the car is perfect. I had a new clutch and flywheel resurface done in 2006. I have driven the car 5 miles since then. The car sits in indoor storage covered year after year, I only take it out once a year with the rest of my stored vehicles to check fluids and operation.

The chrome and stainless are perfect. The re-upholstered interior has no rips or stains. The door handles and hinges are tight and operate like 1936 new.

All of the gauges and original 6V lighting work perfectly. There are NO chips or delamination on any of of the glass. I put the fog lights on the front but never wired them up, it just seemed to dress up the car.

The restored artillary wheels have new Goodyear tires on them. The car has fiberglass running boards which were installed during the restoration, otherwise all metal is original. There are no holes or rust anywhere in the floors or trunk or frame or any component of this car.

The restorer did not restore the rear seat ashtray which is the center rear of the front seat. Patina. There is a rear window retractable shade. The driver's side sunvisor also snaps into a fitting above the driver's side window.

The steering wheel is perfect with no cracks.

The interior trim is all refinished with no rust or scratches. The windows and regulators work perfectly and the weather strip and seals are all perfect.

If you look at the floor in front up at the cowl it's all done correctly and is perfect. The spare tire is also an artillary wheel with a new Goodyear tire. A shelf that lifts up to access the spare was put in the trunk.

The headliner, door panels and seats are all new upholstery.The "beading" between the outer fenders is all new on all 4 fenders.

The grill is imaculate.

The knee action shocks work great and do not leak. The car shows 45,000 miles which I believe to be original. The horn works too.  

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